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A Place for Secular Christianity?

Last week I had a conversation with a man who is in the midst of planning a bar mitzvah for his son. This bar mitzvah will not be a religious ceremony or connected to a synagogue. Instead, it will take part in the context of a secular Jewish community called Sholem. Now, I have heard of secular Judaism before, but I hadn’t ever really...

You’re a Christian only if you do this.

Saul of Tarsus was the enemy. By his own account, he zealously persecuted the early Jesus movement. In his eyes, the followers of Jesus were a threat against both the Temple and the Roman Empire. As a devout Jew and a Roman citizen, Saul took it upon himself to stamp out this threat. Then, as the story goes, one of the greatest reversals in...

You CAN’T Call Violence Christian

Recently on Ministry Matters, Mark Lockard asked, “American Sniper or Selma: How Christian is Your Movie Choice?” In his article he juxtaposed the Christian faith represented by the hero of each movie: Chris Kyle vs. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mr. Lockard’s post was partially a response to Sarah Pulliam Bailey’s earlier piece...

Simple Benediction for Communion Sunday

We drank the wine. We ate the bread. We thank our God, for we are fed. Now we must go: to be the mustard seed to act as the leaven. to help God’s love take root, give rise to the Kingdom of Heaven. Let us be wisely humble, foolishly generous, loving without fear, and God will be there with us. Amen.