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Mike Rowe on a Tandem Bike

My brother Clint Twedt-Ball, Mike Rowe, and I downtown Cedar Rapids

Yesterday, my brother Clint and I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Mike Rowe and part of the crew from his new show “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”, which will begin airing on CNN this fall.

They decided they wanted to do a bike tour (maybe inspired by this video?) of the neighborhoods we worked in to learn about Matthew 25 and the neighborhood-strengthening work we have done, especially after the flood of 2008. It was fairly in-depth. One of my favorite parts was when we surprised my next-door neighbor, Marilyn, and her son, Danny. Marilyn knew we were making a video and wanted to interview her, but she had no idea the “Dirty Jobs” host would be visiting with her. Marilyn and her son are huge fans.

Clint and Mike rode a tandem bike, which was quite the sight. It was a little tricky for them at first, but they eventually got the hang of it. The reason they were on a tandem bike was because Mike is recovering from a broken ankle.

About halfway through the day, Clint asked Mike, “So how’d you break your ankle?”

“Well, I was skydiving, and when I pulled my ripcord, my chute didn’t open. So, by the time I pulled the second cord and the chute opened, it was enough to slow me down, but I was still falling too fast. We were over water, so I should have been okay, but then I actually landed on a great white-”

“What? Are you kidding me?” I yelled.

“-and then, the shark grabbed onto my ankle and started shaking me, and that’s when it broke.”

We groaned, “Okay. Nice.”

“No, truthfully, I was moving a curtain and I tripped, and that’s how I broke my ankle.”

Another great segment was Mike’s banter with Matthew 25’s farmer, Neo Mazur. I really hope they show some of that when the episode airs. They kept it up while Mike helped her weed a pepper patch and she had the film crew sample radishes and kale.

This is a picture of the crew who followed us around, carrying all the heavy stuff yesterday. They were pretty great to work with. All in all it was a very enjoyable afternoon.


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